The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
— Martin Luther King Jr

The LearnWell association is a forum for health and wellness practitioners dedicated to raising, and uniting the standards of education, training and practice. We believe quite simply, that as a sector regulated voluntarily we need standards that will encapsulate and honour the incredible variety within the sector; but why should that responsibility always fall to external organisations? 

The breadth, and richness of tradition that infuses and informs our practice will always make the process of regulation complicated. An arbitrary enforcement of standards promotes an attainment based model of qualification; tick this box and you can continue, a model that neither guarantees nor fosters diligence or quality.

Where we as practitioners can step up and show both our diligence and our standards is in our dedication to our continuing professional development. At the LearnWell association we believe that most importantly this means studying continuously; not only within our chosen specialism but across disciplines and genres in order to break apart dogma, foster true communication and build a multi-disciplinary network.

Rather than replace one set of absolutes with another, our hope is to foster an environment where individual practitioners and regulating bodies alike continue to challenge limitations and biases in order to make both their work, and the entire profession more relevant, more accessible, and ultimately, more unified. 

Lifetime membership

We have one membership, for students, teachers, trainers:

Here's what it entitles you to: 

  • A personalised profile in our members directory.
  • Access to a specialised, insurance package with BGi uk that grows with you from trainee to trainer.
  • The opportunity to submit blog posts to be shared on the LearnWell.Life blog. 
  • The opportunity to advertise your events on the LearnWell.Life members events page.
  • Access to exclusive events and discounts on training programmes.
  • The opportunity to apply for recognition as an accredited training school. 

And here's what we expect:

  • To demonstrate your dedication to yourself and your community through regular and recognised CPD, 50 hours per year minimum of which at least 20 must be contact hours.
  • For those hours of training to come from a variety of sources, disciplines and schools of thought.